My name is Valerio.

I am a frontend developer.

About me.

Nice to know you.

I am Valerio Sillari and I code websites, focusing on responsive web design and performances.

In the past years I had experiences as Content Editor, Graphic Designer, Post Production. I worked for private and public companies and also on the set of shorts, documentaries and advertising.

Now I work as Frontend Developer: minimalism, simplicity, web performance and user experience are my passions.

Based in Berlin, Germany, I'm looking for new opportunities and challenges.

Right now I am working at Exozet.

Html (Html5, Twig, Pug)
Css (Css3, Sass, Less)
JS (Vue, ES6, jQuery)
Webpack, Gulp
NodeJS (Node, Npm, Yarn)
Symfony2, RoR, Wordpress
Adobe Suite


What I love to do.


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